Our Story

Welcome to our great adventure! We are so glad you could join us and hope that you check in often. We will be travelling the globe in search of sponsors for the ministry God has called us to. It should be an exciting journey and I will do my best to keep pictures and post up-to-date for you all.

Our story starts 13 years ago when Doug and I {Jana} met. Doug was just starting deputation as a second generation missionary to Mexico and I was an unsuspecting preacher's daughter who played piano. Our families {the Rogers and Gabbards} have a long history together spanning my whole life.

Doug and I fell in love and were married three short months after we started dating. It was obvious to us, and those around us, that God had a plan for us as a couple. Deputation as a couple started on our honeymoon {in Texas}. Within a year we were moving to Mexico!

After 9 years in Mexico {three kids, four church plants and multiple moves}God called us to North Carolina to plant a Spanish-speaking church among the large Hispanic population there. We obeyed and made our second international move with three multi-cultured kids in tow. That was an experience worthy of it's own blog!

Fast-forward four and a half years {to present day}and we find ourselves answering the call to return to Mexico. A Spanish-speaking church was successfully started here in NC and turned over to national leadership {that is always our goal}. God has asked us to base ourselves out of Mexico as we move into this new phase of missions. We will be opening a church planting training center in Puebla Mexico {prayerfully by spring of 2015}.

The mission of Indigenous Church Planting Initiative {the name of our new ministry} is to train nationals, in multiples, to plant churches in all of Latin America.  God has already opened doors for us to begin working with students from the Bible Seminary we started in our first ministry{Xalapa, Veracruz Mexico} and the Bible Seminary Doug's dad, the late Don Rogers, started during his ministry in Mexico {Veracruz, Ver. Mexico}as well as many other churches in Mexico and Peru.

Please pray for us as we embark on this great adventure. There is much to accomplish in the time we have left here on earth. We must be about the Father's business! {Luke 2:49}. We feel an urgency to train others how to establish indigenous churches/ministries founded on Biblical discipleship.

May you be blessed by our story and with a great adventure of your own!

The Rogers Family